To the Right Honorable PRIME MINISTER of CANADA Justin Trudeau,

To the Honorable PREMIER of ONTARIO Kathleen Wynne,

 To his Worship MAYOR of TORONTO John Tory


The undersigned Italian-Canadian citizens residing in Ontario and Metropolitan Toronto, have found that:

  • The community hub known as the “COLUMBUS CENTRE", which was founded and established through the contributions of the Italian-Canadian community and the support of the Canadian federal government, has become the object of a tentative property speculation;

believe that:

  • The “COLUMBUS CENTRE” is a focal point, and patrimony of, the

Italian-Canadian community. Therefore, it is not to be subject to property speculators;

have found that:

  • The Italian-Canadian community has not been consulted to express its views regarding a project that will enrich said speculators and impoverish the community;

ask that:

  • All relevant authorities intervene with the full weight of their title to ensure that the Italian-Canadian community does not suffer the consequences of the aforementioned

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